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HR System


Online HR System

The system has highly flexible configuration abilities to accommodate today's business needs for.

Powerful and accurate management solutions. 

Employees can use the system to log their

time by typing in their pin or password and clicking

one button; Then They can record their time,

Vacations, permits and view their reports. 

The system gathers all data, tracks accruals, and

notes exceptions such as tardiness or absences

Managers can also use this interface to administer

employee and timesheet records through a secure login.

Management can administer employee records with ease;

whether they need to add a new employee,add a new department, change company settings,

securing vital employee information,Make a month plane which state the planed work hours for

every employee, all reporting and editing.

Managers can have frontline information delivered automatically via email, as a file, or in

hard copy print (automate the creation of PDF, Office OpenXML, and HTML files).

This secure,password-protected system is available to employees and management anywhere,

anytime fom any Internet-enabled computer. This system

is able to work With Any attendance clock machine(Fingerprint or PIN Entry Clock).

Easy to use due to a graphical user interface and built-in help features. Drop down menus,

time calculator,and automated reporting Day to day employee time keeping functions are

performed in just a matter of seconds, the result is decreased administrative and accounting

costs, as well as increased productivity.

Software Functionality :

• Easily and efficiently track your employee time.

• Manage your time attendance data

   and employee profiles.

• Eliminate vacations and permits

  (Employee vacation card).

• Make employee scheduling.

• Reduce the headaches and time.

Security Features :

• Password Protected.

• Encrypted Data.

Software Usability Features : 

• Online user's guide.

• Time calculator. 

• Graphical month plan.

• Drop down menus. 

• Ability to work with any Attendance clock machine.

• Only a Web Browser is needed on the PC.