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Localization You are here. You want to be there. 

To get there you need to localize. In an expanding

global market, the software internationalization became

a must, as purchasing of software are no longer satisfactory

if the software speaks English only.

Naturally, an integral part of the process involves translation,

but with a special focus on cultural nuances,conventions and

style,as Localization is the process of adapting content and

applications to specific languages, local markets and cultures.

Our consultants and developers have proven backgrounds in

software Localization ”Arabization” (Translation and Engineering)

as they worked in localized a lot of the famous software packages

during their working years.Tatweer Arabization and Translation

Services provide localization services on all major platformsincluding Windows, Unix, Mac OS, Java and Linux.

Our Localization Process : 

•Creating culturally-appropriate iconography and graphics, primarily with the interface . 

•Translating any content, static or dynamic. 

•Translating back-end database contents .

•Performing in-context quality assurance on the final in-language product to ensure it is user-friendly, internally consistent and precise .

•Cross-platform browser or client testing . 

Our Advantages : 

•educed localization bugs and errors.

•Protecting and preserving source code. 

•Cost-effective and timely new releases through translation database leveraging .

•High quality, culturally appropriate translations.

•Efficient and timely project management.

•Easily managed and organized enterprise-wide localization projects .

•Shortened bilingual development times.

•Improved customer acceptance of international versions.

Key Offering:

We meet all localization needs including localization of user interfaces,

on-line help, database and documentation components.

•Arabization of Websites.

•Arabization of Software.

•Translation of User Interface.

•Translation of Manuals and Help.

•Testing of Arabized Software.